Casino for new players

Casino slots can be tricky for new players. Every game comes with many options like bet lines, stake, bet level, auto-play or fast spin.

Bet lines can be used if player wants to bet only on specific lines in the casino slot – rest of the lines will be then excluded from the bet. It is highly recommended to play spins always with the all available lines. If player will exclude some of the lines winnings will not be counted for that line. It can be treated like a missed opportunity for the getting the extra money from casino slot. In jackpot slots there is always separate information that player can win the main prize only if he will play with maximum bet lines available.

Stake option indicates the amount for each spin. It can start from as low as €0.09 and go up to €500 per round. The higher the bet the higher the winnings player can get. To adjust the stake for the own needs player can use bet level option.

Players who don’t like to click on the spin button can use the auto-play option inside the casino slot. When this option is active game will be played automatically for the specified amount of spins. Auto option starts from 5 spins and go up to 1000 spins. This function allow players to sit, relax and watch the action on the screen or on mobile. Game will stop automatically when auto play is completed.

Fast spin option can be used when player would like to see the action a bit faster than the standard spin. Game will then speed up the process and result of the spin will show quicker than in standard game round.

Players who use slow internet connection or use old operating system can use the lower the quality function. This option will not change the game play it will just lower the quality of displayed graphics.

Before playing any casino game we recommend checking the pay table and theoretical return to player in the game. Pay table can be accessed from main screen of the game. Users can check there special features included in the game, pay lines available and winnings granted per symbol. RTP can be found in the info tab or by clicking on question mark in the game. Game provider will list in there all the functions of the game, explain all the buttons and also present the RTP for this game.

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