Terms and Conditions in Online Casinos

When you decide to register with online casino you are always asked to accept Terms and Conditions. Many people decide to accept them without reading which is a common mistake. Studies shows that only 23% of casino players have read terms of the site before accepting them. It’s really important to always read everything before signing up. That’s the only way to know all the rules and regulations. This way players will avoid any issues in the future.

Main points from Terms and Conditions

We have listed below most common key points from T&C in Online Casinos that you need to know.

  • You can have only one account.
    When you will register your player’s account you will have access to all the features available on the site. If somehow you will forget that you already have account on specific site and you will register new one – your accounts may be closed permanently. If you had any money on your account – administration can decide to remove your funds.
  • You can play using your own account only.
    To play on casino site you can only use your own account. You cannot use account of your friends or family members. If casino site will discover this activity all related accounts will be closed permanently.
  • You can use only payments methods which are on your name.
    To start playing in casino you need to deposit money using credit card, e-wallet or bank account. Payments method needs to be registered on your own name, otherwise provider can close your account or ask for detailed verification.
  • Only one bonus is available per user, household and IP address.
    Each casino sites offers casino bonuses for their players. Most popular ones are casino bonuses credited on top of the deposit and free spins without deposit. Casino use this way to attract new players to their site. That’s why often bonuses are credited completely for free. No deposit or any other payment is required – it’s enough to just register free account. It attracts a lot of new players but it also brings bonus abusers. Players will try to register as many accounts as possible – using fake details, family or friends data to register new account. For each account they will receive a free offer. In such cases casino will act quickly – all accounts will be blocked permanently and possible winnings removed.
  • You can close your casino account.
    If you will decide that you no longer wish to play on the site then you can close your account. You can close it by sending email to support from the same email address which is registered on your account. Some sites offers self-exclude option on the site – you can use it from your casino account. In most cases you can self-exclude yourself from the site for specified time from 24 hours up to 6 months. After that time your account will be automatically re-opened.
  • Players needs to verify their accounts.
    Verification of the account is required almost every time when players will decide to make a withdrawal. In some cases user will be asked to verify after registration. It happen if you will register from IP address that doesn’t match registered country. If there is more than one player with the same name and date of birth, casino will ask for documents to make sure if it’s a duplicate account or not.

Those are the main points that it’s important to know before signing up with any casino site. We always recommend every player to read full Terms and Conditions to avoid any issues.

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