Addiction is defined as a psychological and a physical dependence, where a person doesn’t have the ability to stop consuming a substance, chemicals, or drugs. Addictions can cause psychological and physical damage if not treated. Many people with addiction’s are aware of the issue, but are unable to control the toxic habits, and find it difficult stopping on their own.

The Fundamentals Of 12 Step Therapy

֎ Admitting one’s inability to control addictive or compulsive behaviour

֎ Recognition of a ‘higher power’ that can provide the strength to overcome

֎ Examining the past to recognise errors and mistakes

֎ Making amends for past errors and mistakes

֎ Learning and accepting a new code of behaviour that will govern life

֎ Helping others also undergoing recovery from addictive or compulsive behaviour.

Seeking Help

Addiction is most commonly linked with drugs, alcohol, nicotine and gambling, but addiction is not solely just for those who consume harmful products. You can be addicted to just about anything, such as the internet, work, shopping, gaming. Addictions are treatable, and reaching out for help and support is nothing to be ashamed of. Whichever treatment approach you choose, having a strong support system can give you the best chance of recovery.

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